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Welcome to Discord Miner

Discord Miner is a Discord Bot developed by Glowning#0806. Its gameplay is inspired by the worldwide known game Minecraft. Mine to earn resources, level up to unlock pickaxes, be the first in the leaderboard!

How to play?

First of all, you will have to claim your first Wooden Pickaxe. You will only have to type m!start to equip it!

Once your claimed your pickaxe, you will have to mine a lot of stone and coal to level up. You unlock the Stone Pickaxe at level 5. To mine, execute the m!mine command.

After some minutes mining, your pickaxe will break. First, sell your ores with m!sell and then repair your pickaxe with m!repair.

Support the bot

You can support the bot by voting. After voting, do m!vote on Discord to claim your Crate and open it with m!crate.
You can also donate by joining the official server and typing $donate in the #chatting channel.

Discord Miner