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About the Developer

Hello, you should know me as Glowning, but my real name is Enzo. I'm 17 years old and I live in France.
I started to learn programing when I was 9 years old, I went on some blogs and I said "Why don't I do that?" and I learnt how to develop websites (HTML/CSS ; PHP ; JS), then I learnt to make applications in Java and I loved that so much taht I wanted to continue with this language. That is what I did and now, Discord Miner is born.

Contact: admin@discordminer.com or on this page.

About the Bot

Discord Miner has been started September 14th 2018 and has been released on Discord Bots List October 2nd 2018. It is developed in Java with JDA library.
The community is growing really fast, after two months, the bot is on more than 5,000 servers and has more than 15,000 unique players.
Moreover, the bot is the 14th most voted bot in November 2018 on Discord Bots List.