Privacy Policy

Discord Miner AKA MineKing and our parent company, Particle Dev collect and manage user data as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Information Collected While Using our Services:

We collect information such as user IDs and tags directly from Discord. We never recieve personal information such as your email address, age, or name. All of our services inside the Discord platform track your progress as you play our game. This information is not aggregated or anonymized, but it is located in a secure environment. All Particle Dev's websites, including Discord Miner (AKA MineKing) use HTTPS encryption from end to end. All shards of Discord Miner communicate with the same database via HTTPS with TLS 1.3 We store information such as user ids for use across guilds inside the Discord application, and none of our information is publicly available. The Discord Miner website communicates with the Discord Miner bot directly using secured API endpoints that require a 256 bit key to be accessed.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII):

Discord Miner and Particle Dev will never collect personally identifiable information without your consent. We only collect PII such as your email address when you purchase ranks and plans with our services. All PII, such as email addresses, is protected via AES-256 encryption and is kept out from public view on a secure server on a private network. We will never contact you or expose your personal information.

Web Services:

Particle Dev's website, alongside Discord Miner (AKA MineKing) have analytics embedded on our webpage(s) so we can better provide our services. We log information such as your IP address's region, such as the United States or Ukraine, alongside page responsiveness to better our webpages and make them more effecient for you, and others. We do not collect IP addresses, however we may block specific regions and malicious users with services provided by CloudFlare