Terms of Use

Discord Miner AKA MineKing and our parent company, Particle Dev will follow and abide by these terms and reserve the right to remove users from our platform, services, or subscriptions without prior notice.


This website is operatated as a brand and project of Particle Dev. Throughout these terms, the terminology "we", "us", and "our" refer to Discord Miner (AKA MineKing) and related properties, such as servers, domains, and all intellectual property. All tools and pages on this site are not to be scraped, sold, or manipupated in any way shape or form without verbal and written consent. We do not govern hyperlinks to external websites that are not part of Particle Dev. By using this website, alongside all websites owned by Particle Dev, you agree to these terms and to our privacy policy.

Section 1 | On The Web

All pages on our site are subject to our privacy policy. We reserve the right to refuse service in forms such as IP and location blacklisting to our web services. You understand that by using our services, your information can, for breif moments in time, be transmitted with unencrypted protocols. We will always ensure that personally identifiable information is transmitted securely, and will never attempt to send your PII to another server without encryption defined in our Privacy Policy. You agree by using this website not to copy, distort, sell, or exploit our websites, not limited to discordminer.com and particledev.com.

Section 2 | On Discord

By using our services on Discord, you agree with and meet the criteria for Discord's Terms of Use. We reserve the right to blacklist, reset, and remove ranks and privliges with our Discord application without prior notice. Our services on Discord are not to be abused. By using our Discord applications, you agree to abide by these terms and you agree to follow all rules set forth inside the application.

Section 3 | Abuse

We monitor all activity on both our Discord Application and our websites. All abusive actions will be dealt with acorrding to these Terms, and within acorrdance of all guild rules and Discord's Terms of Use. We prohibit the use of device macros, scripts, self bots, or other human created applications designed to gain an advantage on our platform. We monitor command usage, when nessicary, and may at any point in time terminate your access to our services. We strictly prohibit using our services, including our website and Discord Applications, for illegal activity, such as intellectual property theft (IP theft), and the theft of PII from our services and hardware. We will report IP addresses that have been found doing any of the following actions to ISPs (Internet Service Providers), our Datacenters, Discord, and if needed the proper legal authorities: hacking attempts, DDoS attacks, account compromising, token sniffing, credential stuffing, user phishing, XSS (Cross Site Scripting), SQL Injection Attacks, DNS Spoofing, and Malware Distribution.